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High Pressure Compressor

Higher efficiency resulting in higher FAD as compared to competition Very less noise and vibration levels Air cooled compressor resulting in longer life of parts and prevention of hassles of water cooling arrangement Very less oil consumption...

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum ratio is high and vacuum generating time is less Low vibration Intake manifold parts are mild steel parts (for long life ) Low oil consumption as compared to competition Ideally suited for Hospital , Chemical , Food , Pharma & Lab...

Air Cooled Scroll Type, Oil Free Compressors

Energy efficient compressors 100 % Oil free air Relatively low noise – 58 db for 20 HP compressor Can be installed in the factory floor itself – reduced pressure loss and piping costs Low maintenance frequency

Air Cooled Reciprocating Oil Free Compressors

Patented Composite Piston Dynamic Balancing of Bare Compressor Assembly Effective Cooling Continuous Duty Running in Indian Ambient Conditions

Air Cooled Reciprocating Compressors

Significant savings in power consumption Very less noise and vibration levels Very less oil carry over Tried and tested in extreme Indian tropical conditions Exported all over the world including Japan and USA

Three Plunger Reciprocating Pumps

Liquid end: SS 316 L, 304 SS or C.S., different material on request Flow-rate adjustment: by Frequency Converter API 674 standard Double head execution Pressure up to 1.200 bar Flow rate up to 60.000 l/h

Double Diaphragm pumps

Double Diaphragm pumps with fully engaged mechanisms for heavy duty applications.Nseries HN Pressure up to 200 bar Flow rate up to 293 l/h Liquid end: SS 316 L Flow-rate adjustment: manual, electrical 4-20 mA, Pneumatic 3-15 psig...

Metering & Process pumps

Plunger pumps with fully engaged mechanisms for heavy duty applications.NSerie2 Pressure up to 40 bar Flow rate up to 4659 l/h Liquid end: SS 316 L, different materials are available on request Flow-rate adjustment: manual,...

Motor driven metering pumps

Pressure up to 200 bar Flow rate up to 4426 l/h

Solenoid metering pumps

Pressure from 14 to 2 bar Flow rate from 8 to 25 l/h

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

We offer superlative quality Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump that is highly efficient. The Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is manufactured using high grade raw materials. We are regarded as one of the principal Air Operated Double Diaphragm...

Barrel Pumps

We are one of the widely acknowledged Manufacturers and Supplier of Barrel Pumps. Our Barrel Pumps are made with the latest technology and the finest materials & components. These Barrel Pumps are designed for perfection, especially for rendering...

Submersible Pumps

We are counted amongst the successful Submersible Pumps Manufacturers. Our Submersible Pumps are made using high quality materials and components, thus render matchless performance over a period of time. We offer these Submersible Pumps high...

Water Spraying System

We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Water Spraying System. Designed using advanced technology, our Water Spraying System comes with hollow cone spray for high pressure. We make available the Water Spraying System in different...

Pilot Pump S

To validate new processes for commercial systems, the processes are first tested in pilot systems. Often the delivery rates are low, ranging between 0.5 to 8 m³/h, and cannot be realised with a reactor pump. For this reason, Egger has developed a...

Reactor Pump HT | HPT

The performant reactor pump developed for high temperature and high pressure applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Since many years a reference to handle multiphase liquids such as chemical mixtures with high gas content....

Elbow Pumps RPP | RPG

The typical pump for large capacity at low discharge heads (circulation pump with axial impeller). Available in welded or cast construction with reinforcing ribs.

Zone 0 Pump

Egger submerged sump pumps can be used in all explosion endangered zones. Together with PTB in Braunschweig, Egger has developed a safety concept specifically designed for Zone 0 explosion risks. It enables applications to be used in Zone 0 with...

Process Pumps EO | EOS

The high-performance pump for homogeneous liquids containing high concentrations of solids and high gas contents. Different numbers of impeller blades for large and small particle sizes.

Hybrid Pumps TEO

ump with a hybrid impeller. Combines the advantages of our semi-open impeller with those of a Turo® vortex impeller. Suitable for the transport of fluids with high gas content and large diameter solids.

Turo® Vortex Pumps T

Turo® Vortex Pumps with a completely open spherical channel. Only 15% of the pumped fluid comes into contact with the impeller. Around the world, thousands of pumps have proven themselves with decades of excellent service.

Iris®diaphragm control valve

Energy saving valve for the precise and economical control at low loss of pressure of liquids and gases that can be either clean or contain particles.

Peristaltic dosing pumps

Kronos, Dynamik Series, Peristaltic pumps