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REDRAGON (Oil & Gas System International Inc), (Cambridge, Infatrio, CANADA)

Chemical Injection Packages

Components and instruments for the systems manufacture are purchased world-wide as per the contract vendor list, while steel fabrication, reservoirs and pressure vessels are produced by companies provided with the ASME stamp. Diaphragm and...

Pool Photometer

MEASURE RANGE pH / ORP Free Chlorine with DPD automatic method

Pool Dosing systems

pH For pH control. Reading indicated by LED mV For ORP control. Reading indicated by LED Plus / Plus mV (shuko) For pH or ORP control PRO By external signal from 4˜20 mA or pulse signal TIME With weekly timer to set the precise...

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon (AC) Filtration - is an effective method of dealing with suspended solids, oils and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's within contaminated water. An activated carbon filter, can treat the water, separate solids and waste and...

Air Dryers

Moisture is one of the major contaminants in compressed air systems. It occurs because water vapour present in the atmosphere is drawn into the compressor, where its' concentration can rise dramatically as temperature increases. Of the ten...

Nitrogen Generators

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) type Nitrogen Generator provides a cost-effective means for on-site gas generation. It is based on using the latest PSA technology and utilizes Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to separate nitrogen from the other gases...

Waste to Energy Solutions

• In-Vessel Composters for Food waste and Organic waste. • In-Vessel Organic waste composters