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Circuit elements (WEGO)

WAGO-RSF3 PA(2004-1201) 1,683 WAGO-SAKR (2002-1671) 396 WAGO-EK4(2004-1207) 199 WAGO-TERMINAL NUMBER STRIPS 1-50(793-566) 311 WAGO-TERMINAL NUMBER STRIPS 50-100(793-507) 2 ...

MCB (ABB Make)

ABB MCB 16 A 2P - S202-K16 2CD-252-001-R0467 1 ABB MCB 2A 1P-S201-K2 2CD-251001-R0277 96 ABB MCB 20A 2P-S202-K20 2CDS-252-001-R0487 61 ABB AUX CONT-S2-H03 3NC - GHS2701936R0004 26 ABB MCB 6A 2P - C -...

52KV Dummy Plugs, Size 2&3 (Part No: 827 150-003)

*************** The material is available in stock in Dubai, Jebel ali warehouse / Abu dhabi, Mussaffah. The material is being advertised for sale. Interested suppliers can directly deal with the Supplier. Supplier details will be provided on...

Si-COAT® 570™ High Voltage Insulator Coating

Si-COAT® 570™ HVIC is a one-part, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane (silicone) coating. Its unique and patented formulation provides a highly hydrophobic surface for its entire life. The coating is not affected by UV light, corona...