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Flexographic Ink

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Flexographic Ink such as Corrugated Box Printing Ink, Flexographic Inks, Flexographic Printing Ink, Water Based Flexographic Ink and Solvent Based Flexographic Inks in India.Our organization offers a...

Pack Diffusion Alloys

Our benefits Specifically designed for pack diffusion applications on gas turbine hot-section components Choose from a variety of diffusion coating materials Quality evidenced by our ISO 9001 and AS 9000 accreditation Tested in Nadcap...

Conductive Filler Materials

Nickel Powders for Conductive Filler Applications Gold Clad Conductive Filler Nickel Graphite Conductive Fillers for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Gaskets

Braze Materials

Braze Alloys Activated Diffusion Alloys Standard & Superalloy Filler Honeycomb Filler

Thermal Spray Materials

Thermal Spray Abradable Materials for Clearance Control Coatings Pure Metal, Alloy, Clad Composite, and Blended Powders for Thermal Spray MCrAlY Alloy Powder Materials for Thermal Spray Self-Fluxing and Self-Fusing Alloy Powder Materials for...

Ceramic paste ( ZUS-CP200)

white grease paste for pre-assembly of stainless steel cutting rings. Protects against cold welding. Features: Ceramic paste based on a high molecular weight oil, inorganic binders and ceramic additives. The product can be used as a paste in...

Gliss Lubricant 5GP (MO-5GP)

white grease paste for pre-assembly of stainless steel cutting rings. Protects against cold welding.

Oxygen Lubricant (MO-5GP60Ox)

white grease paste for pre-assembly of stainless steel cutting rings. Protects against cold welding.

Ceramic support balls

Properties Ceramic support balls/media are inert with stable properties and a low rate of water adsorption. They are normally used to support adsorbents and catalysts within reactor vessels or support grid perforations but can also be utilized...

Silica gel (Blue / orange / white)

Types of Silica Gel Blue Silica Gel: The most common use of cobalt chloride blue gel available in beaded & granular form. It used as an indicating agent when it is free from moisture its color changes to light pink. Most of the transformer...

Activated Carbon (pellets, granules, powder)

Applications Activated carbons are ideal for gas-phase applications and for liquid-phase applications where purification to trace concentrations is required. Our Activated carbon adsorbents are used in many domestic and industrial...

Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina Applications Drying of organic liquids as LPG, aromatics, and stream cracked liquids Purification of gases and liquids (removal of metallic traces, BF3, TBC, HCl, and HF) Air drying using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or...

Dupont Paints and Refinish

Automotive Paints supplier Refinishing workshop in Jamshedpur, Kolkata

Authorised Distributors of 'STEEL GUARD NANO COAT™' (Anti Rust)

We would like to introduce our self as distributors of 'STEEL GUARD NANO COAT™' (Anti Rust), an inorganic water based, eco friendly (RoHS Approved) permanent rust preventive which will prevent all your MS Fabricated structures from rusting/...

Cladding and Weld Overlay Materials

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Powder Materials Laser Cladding Weld Hardfacing Materials Matrix Materials

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Developed and tested for additive manufacturing applications Particle size distributions tailored for your additive manufacturing process and system Optimized powder morphology ensures uniform and consistent part builds Spheroidal powders...

Cylinder Bore Coatings

Enhance cylinder bore surface properties to cope with the challenge of stringent emission requirements Eliminate design restrictions, thus reducing the weight of engine blocks Increase engine power output Apply proprietary technology to...